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Getting started

Step 1: Find or create your audio.

Audioprez is not a audio recording or editing site. We make it easy to share and present audio you have already created or own. If you are looking for a free audio recording/editing software we would recommend Audacity ®. Click here to get the free download.

Step 2: Create an account.

Click here to start creating your account. It's free!

Step 3: Upload your audio.

After creating your account you should find yourself at a page with a large orange button that has a white arrow pointing up in the middle.

Click on this button. Select the audio file you wish to upload. Give it a name and a category then press "Upload".

Step 4: Make a presentation.

After the uploading process, your audio should appear above the upload arrow. It should look like this:

Click on the arrow ">" by your audio's name. This will display all the presentations of your audio.

Click on the "+" button to add a presentation. Give it a name and category then press "Go". This will take you to your new presentation.
Creating a presentation

Step 1: Dividing up your audio into sections.

Your new presentation page should look similar to the image below. The main audio player in the middle and the name of your presenation at the top. Sub-players of sections of the audio can be created below the main player. This is how you can break down your audio into sections with text descriptions, thus presenting your audio in an effective way.

Click on the big orange button with a "+" in the middle. A pop-up will be displayed. This is where you will indicate where you want your section of audio to start and stop.

You can click and drag the handle bars to change the start and stop time. Press the play button to preview your selection at anytime. This will help you get the precise section of audio that you want to present. Or you can enter in the times directly by filling the start and stop inputs. Before you press the "Create" button, press the play button one more time to make sure you have captured the section of audio you intended. Press "Create" to finish.

A new sub-player should appear below all other sub-players. This player will now play the section of audio you have designated. You can add text to this sub-player by pressing the "+" button. If you would like to change the order (position) of the sub-player, click on the edit button (pencil). Change the input labeled "Position" and then press "Save". You can also change the start and stop times by editing and saving in the same way.